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, co-starring with Kate Jackson (who’d been cast first) and Jaclyn Smith.

Both men and women watched for the outrageously fun storylines, constant wardrobe changes, and the satisfaction of watching three women win the game every single time they played.

He was also on Marlo Thomas’ TV special and record , which decried the "ladies first" mentality, reassured boys that owning a doll was okay, and told everyone that it was all right to cry, with a song sung by football superstar Rosey Grier.He was shooting a movie at the Utah State Prison when the script for the changed television.It had a previously unseen balance of tragedy and comedy, delivered with wit, intelligence, and compassion.While critics mocked the revealing outfits and the show’s obvious T&A factor, others saw it as embracing sexual liberation, with women in control.Fawcett herself was on the fence, saying, "When the show was number three, I figured it was our acting.

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