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In the film's black and white epilogue, He hobbled away from the cabin into the woods, ate wild berries next to the three animals, and was surrounded by a horde of clothed, zombie-like women (with blurred faces) climbing the hill around him.The fourth film combining the talents of director Pedro Almodovar and the beautifully voluptuous actress Penelope Cruz, this brightly-colored, twisting neo-noirish tale was partially told in flashback.Now I could hear what I couldn't hear before - the cry of all the things that are to die." She screamed at him, claiming that he was arrogant and "this (marriage) may not last," but also confusingly told him about her love and "how happy I am that you're here." She expressed her top fear that: "Nature is Satan's Church," but also said that she felt "cured." Another disturbing sight He saw in the woods was a dying, self-disemboweled fox which spoke in a deep voice: "Chaos reigns! He was repulsed that She embraced the exact opposite of her original study - and that she believed that women were inherently evil."In chapter three, ("Despair" (Gynocide)), He discovered in their attic her writings on gynocide (increasingly scrawled and illegible) and her display of old drawings of the misogynistic torture of innocent women. When He took the role of "Nature" during a psychotherapeutic game, She described how human Nature had caused people to do evil things against women - the subject of her thesis, although she had interpreted it as proof of the evil of women ("If human nature is evil, then that goes as well for the nature of..the sisters. During sex that night, She demanded that He inflict sadistic pain upon her by hitting her ("Hit me so it hurts"), but he refused - she concluded: "Then you don't love me." Naked, She fled outside, laid on the ground under a tree and furiously masturbated herself to quell the pain, before he joined her for intercourse (and obliged her by grabbing and slapping her) - as hands emerged from within the tree's roots (evoking Hieronymus Bosch).(Ruben Ochandiano), aka Ray X, was hired by his obsessed father during the shoot - to film a documentary of the making of Inevitably, Lena became passionately engaged in sexual relations with the director and totally absorbed in the shoots, inflaming Ernesto's jealousy.In one scene after having intercourse with Ernesto, when he had taken Lena away to Ibiza for the weekend, Lena threw up and then remarked to herself that her hair was mussed as she stood naked before a mirror, declaring: "God, I look awful." The aging Ernesto hugged Lena after sex, wanting more: "I wouldn't mind dying after f--king with you for days, weeks, months, years, centuries. Although approaching the levels of violent torture-porn (filmed most explicitly with professional porn stars), there was also a perverse beauty in the cinematographic expertise envisioned in the film, shot by Oscar-winning The film's minimalist prologue was a gorgeous, silent, black-and-white ultra slow-motion sequence (set to a dreamy Handel operatic aria) of intensely-passionate sex (complete with a close-up, thrusting penetration shot) in the bathroom shower and bedroom between a Pacific Northwest couple: At the same time, their one year-old toddler son Nic was in an adjoining bedroom.

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She grabbed a large block of wood and crushed his erect penis and testicles with it.

One of its earliest sequences was a love scene between the two main characters: The two unhappy individuals were making love - Anna was lying almost comatose and unfulfilled beneath him as he pumped away. The others, they just see you as a dead body on a slab. I'm glad it's over." As Anna was being buried alive, she heard the dirt clattering onto the top of her wooden coffin. Both soon realized the difficulty in reconciling their vastly different emotional and intellectual approaches to grief.

While she took a shower afterwards (and experienced a nosebleed), Paul asked the rhetorical question of whether she was happy: Later following a verbal argument and misunderstanding with him at a restaurant during dinner (when Paul was supposed to propose marriage between them), she frantically drove off in a rainstorm. Only I can see you as you really are." He asked for her height: "I need to know your height, for your coffin." He claimed that he had a special gift that allowed him to see her and speak to her. You think because you breathe, piss, shit, you're alive? One last story hint suggested that she might still be alive. You all say the same thing."Paul kept insisting - as he cried out repeatedly in anguish: "I'm not dead! As an occult researcher, She had spent the previous summer there with her son, writing her "thesis." When she was imagining in her mind her arrival at the cabin in a harsh greenish light, she laid down on the ground as her husband instructed, and was told to "melt into the green." During their hike toward the cabin, She took a nap while He saw a mother deer with a stillborn baby fetus hanging out of its uterus.

The night sky revealed the constellation of The Three Beggars (Grief=deer, Despair=crow, and Pain=Fox), but He realized: "There's no such constellation." She declared: "None of it is any use" - and when she screamed, she summoned a hailstorm - a supernatural power believed to be possessed by witches.

The three woodland creatures in the constellation entered the house.

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