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Mark changed the name to Barry Smells and put in all of Barry’s personal information, including his date of birth, home address and a number of photos.He posted status updates pretending to be Barry saying “I stink” and “I haven’t showered in months”.If you wouldn’t want everyone in the world knowing it, don’t put it online.Remember that any information you put online about yourself could be used by an identity thief to guess the answers to your security questions and then hack into your email, social media or online messenger accounts.

It is possible that your information could be stored and passed on to other people without your permission.

When other people use your personal computer, make sure that they don’t access your accounts without your permission.

Only transfer money or make online purchases from websites that are safe and secure.

If you are using a public computer and don’t sign out, other people may be able to access the websites that you had open.

Never allow your password details to be saved to the computer.

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