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At one point during the official pre-Folsom dance party, Magnitude, my friend stood at the bar talking to a cute guy who kept checking his phone. Guys didn’t actually start having sex on the dance floor until closer to the end of the party, but there was a large tent erected in the parking lot that acted as the official backroom.Finally, my friend patted the guy's shoulder and said, “Dude, get off Scruff. Inside the tent were spaces partitioned off by black tarp and chain-link fence.“These days there are smartphone apps that use GPS to tell you how close you are to another gay person with an online profile,” Danyaal explained to Azhar.“There are thousands of gay men online in Pakistan at any one time.” Those numbers make sense, when you realize that 23.5 million people live in Karachi.Others claim that the apps are effectively destroying person-to-person interactions. Gay men have always hunted for sex, objectified each other, and treated each other poorly.

And although sex was certainly a major goal of the weekend, it was not the only reason I was excited to go.

Over a month ago, I challenged myself to stop using hookup apps.

Two weeks ago, I wrote a progress report on my halfway point, and now I can give my final say on the experience.

In other words, it’s a great time to cruise tech-free.

I parked my car on a precarious San Francisco slope and carried my suitcase filled with leather gear to a townhouse in the Castro where I would be staying.

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