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" Matt bellowed, "How many more times are you going to embarrass us on social media?! Adhering to this cultivated self-image had served him well so far to fans, but hadn't exactly found him the man of his dreams yet."Hey Claudio," he smiled."Sami, how are you? You just like shagging him when you feel like it cos you know he'll drop his pants every time you snap your fingers.""So vot? And now Neville was here, that was now consigned to history. Finn's insides boiled over as he took in what he just heard from the huge television that had been set up in the Performance Center. Bayley was reading over Finn's shoulder."That looks like a conversation between two high school girls," she remarked."HEY! Karl did love spanking Finn's beautiful big fat ass whenever the Irish hussy rode him. Finn paused, mid-ride and giggled."I think one of them just came," he whispered, "Let's keep them from sleeping! Especially men who may look like Kevin..." Finn was backing away, "Oh my God... Finn was peppering Sami's fluffy red hair with kisses, trying to silence the sobs. Once they were on the ground floor he led Sami, who was quietly still sobbing to himself, towards the lobby, where he spotted Karl on a couch, browsing his phone."Where you been? HUMPH.""Fergal you have zero fat," Sami croaked, wiping his red and puffy eyes."I'm an old man now Sami.""Shut up.""Yeah put a sock in it Fergal," Karl said, "I'll get the rental."Once Karl, Finn and Sami had checked in at the airport, Finn had managed, reluctantly, to find a branch of Mc Donalds. I honestly thought you didn't give a shit about me anymore.""I will always care about you Sami whether you like it or not. You got more messages by the way.""That's so weird," Sami sighed."Puppy play is more accepted and visible now," Finn said, as his phone buzzed again "Oh for fucks sake... I don't need to see your cummy hole over breakfast."Sami just made a being sick gesture."I guess I've lost this fight," sighed Finn, "He's prepared to let bygones be bygones you know.""I don't break bread with skanks.""Sami. OK I admit he has laid half the Cruiserweight Classic competitors but you know what he's like..""Fergal..." Sami said, "You change whenever youve hung out with him and I don't like the person you are when you do.""I'm me, always have been.""Fergal you're a chameleon. I see so much Cody in you nowadays.""Stop making this about me," Finn said, "We need to talk about how you can exorcise your demons for good.

Triple H is already considering forcibly handing entire ncontrol of your account to the social media team until you can be trusted! His last two hook ups had told him he was one of the best fucks they'd had in ages! Sorry again Dillinger didn't verk out," the Swiss said."Dreading this draft," confessed Sami."I just hope I get sent to Smackdown. ""Charmer.""You've been a doll to me..all I can think about is climbing you like a mother fucking tree.""It von't help you. Friends vith benefits are a thing these days jug ears."Neville just gave a humourless laugh."I wonder how Sheamus feels knowing he's second best because you really want Sami to yourself yet you ain't got the balls to leave Sheamus," he challenged. He, Sheamus and Sami had had such a nice thing going. Cesaro had tried to keep Sami in his life at least via platonic friendship and then what does Sami do? " pouted Finn, "It's rude to read over someone's shoulder! " she asked."Ecstatic," Finn said, "Though...gonna be weird leaving here. "He resumed riding, his talented hips working overtime. He'd never seen Sami cry like this..fact he'd barely seen Sami cry in all their years of friendship. Being hit with a double whammy of his feelings for Kevin bubbling over AND NEville coming back..Sami's actions had been deplorable. " asked Karl."Sssh...we'll get food here," Finn said."But our flight's at 8! He was bitching about the additives in the food and how the burgers were not 100% beef, and that Supersize Me should be made compulsory viewing to the entire American population. I was thrilled when they drafted you to Raw.""Were you? Drink your tea and listen to me."SAMI :'( :'(Those who didn't follow his story in When Raw Wraps may well think I've pulled this one out of my arse but those who did, well, we remember how he use to browbeat poor Neville all the time and constantly criticise his 'boyfriend ability'.

And he'd seen something that did not sit well with him. There was her thinking someone in wrestling had legit screwed him over!

Cody meanwhile, had escaped scot-free, but the company was now ardently pursuing the rights to his last name. " Bayley demanded."Because NOBODY, especially bitter exes, comes for Taylor on my watch.""Finn, you could get into trouble again. ""Meh that's just people being heteronormative and ignorant of the fact that GAY PEOPLE work here," Finn said, "They can't silence me forever.""BALOR! He'd spent his recovery avidly following Sami's journey on the main roster...he'd even been happy for Wrestlemania despite losing his place on the card because of his injury. You're a fucking monster, Sebei," Neville gasped, "You need to sort your issues out mate.""I have not got issues. Kevin occasionally joked with Sami but the rotund Prizefighter legitimately had no idea Sami had nursed a crush on him for ten years. They'd rowed more when Kevin had signed, and it boiled over during NXT Takeove Revolution in 2014, where Neville had deliberately wound Sami up before their big title match to get an absolute killer performance from him - their intense post-match hug was all real, not acted. He'd kept this so well hidden save for his very close friends that if he'd confessed it to anybody else now, it would come across as the ultimate deux es machina get-out clause to save face. He wanted to take Sami into his arms and just say fuck everything. He whined and smashed his lips onto Karl's."Welcome to Raw baby," Karl smiled raspily, "Happy birthday.""I love you Chad.""Love you too Fergal.""Stay inside me..tired...""Whatever ya want baby..." Karl gave a huge yawn as he struggled to maneuver them into a spooning position. Another friendship lost because Sami couldn't take control of his emotions like an adult. Cos we could hear you clearly.""And WE could hear YOU. Sami you're a vile piece of that in the fucking GOd... ""No law says I have to stay and get him fucking breakfast.""Sami for fucks sake..." groaned FInn, "Will you stop. ""SAMI.." Finn facepalmed and leaned against the wall, "Let's not go through the Zack mess again. ""We've all had an embarrassing moment in bed in our lives, part of being a bottom," Finn sighed, "Occasionally douching doesn't get rid of're human for fucks sake. ""I'm the bad guy because I'm not a lean, beautiful twink like you, Cody or Zack, typical shallow bitch queen behaviour," Sami snarled."OK, I've had enough of this. Bayley got to her feet."I'll go..." she said, acting quick before someone got into deep trouble for disrupting training. Slash, smut, comedy, light drama, bitching and backstabbing. " spluttered Matt Bloom, FKA Jason Albert/Tensai/A-Train/Prince Albert, head coach, who'd been leading the Cruiserweight Classic competitors through some drills whilst the NXT talent observed."Sounds like Finn," Robbie Brookside added.He's just bitter because she found someone with a talent other than posing in some Calvins and DJing."Bayley was doubled over in mirth. Sometimes he took the stupidest stuff WAY too seriously. If only his hardcore male fans knew what he was really like. Cesaro was being a legit friend and Sami had to turn it into sex. " asked Neville."Oh grand, I'm sure you've gloated that I can't keep a man," Sami spat."Actually I was gonna say, soz to hear things went to crap with Cody," Neville said."Yeah well, we all make mistakes.It was bad enough the other day when TMZ leaked some suspicious photos of certain WWE talents in states of undress outside in a gay bar in Orlando. You went and stuck your dick into Miz."Neville rolled his eyes. " he huffed, "I try to be nice and you throw your fucking toys out the pram as per usual! She was already in a black mood at being drafted away from Alberto and she certainly would give him an earful. And Sami bet the Irishman had bitched about him to Karl.

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