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Billy's supple body, framed in a black leather harness and black jockstrap, is too tempting for Quixote's limber wrists and hands.

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When the bill comes, wait for him to make a move for it. " or "I'd really like to split this" because he may think you actually mean it. It's not like you're going to miss out on your future husband by letting him make the first move. That doesn't mean it won't, but it could lower your chances because he might think you're not looking for anything serious. Guys like it when women eat unselfconsciously and with pleasure.When he does, reach for your purse/wallet and continue the payment process until he says "I've got it" (and then say "thanks" and drop it). Also, please don't tell any dudes that we told you not to have sex. If you order the half order of the garden salad and then eat half of that, he's not going to think you're hot and skinny. It signals that they may be that way in the bedroom, too. Tell him some funny stories, be (reasonably) open about yourself, and joke around.No matter how hot you look, what will really make him want to go out again is remembering how fun it was to sit and talk to you.Don't say stuff like "I don't know, what do you think? That doesn't mean you have to make all the decisions, but you should definitely have some input.So if he gives you some options for where to go on your date, pick one.

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