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Tutorials: How to use Amarok to manage your i Pod in Ubuntu How to install Amarok in Ubuntu (and get it to play MP3s) Screenshots: Banshee Homepage: About: Banshee includes the following features: Rips music, burn CDs, share your music, displays cover art, tons of plugins, controllable via keyboard shortcuts, smart playlists and the ability to rate your music.

Banshee is available as a pre-compiled binary for many Linux distributions, and its source is available for those of you who prefer compile your own programs.

As a completely unrelated but ‘fun’ side note, the very first version of ICY for Linux (now known as SHOUTcast, the streaming audio software) was compiled on my computer because Justin didn’t have a Linux machine at the time.

Tutorial: How to use Winamp to manage your i Pod Screenshots: Yami Pod Homepage: About: Yami Pod is a freeware application to efficiently manage your i Pod under Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.

Many i Pod users reported some issues when trying to connect their device to the computer and this not because of a hardware technical issue, but simply because i Tunes can sometimes be hard to get along with.

All in all, if you're looking for an i Tunes replacement, Floola is one of best you can get.

Using Floola copying and deleting songs is just as fast as in i Tunes and this tool does the same thing with podcasts and playlists.

Plus, it has the ability to search for duplicates and lyrics, two great goodies for every i Pod aficionado out there.

Tutorial: How to manage your i Pod using Rhythmbox in Ubuntu Screenshots: Share Pod Homepage: About: Share Pod includes the following features: loads directly on to your i Pod – no software to install, automatically finds an i Pod attached to a PC, read/write track properties, remove tracks from an i Pod, add/remove playlists on an i Pod, copy tracks from an i Pod to PC with customized output filename formats, integrated i Pod backup & restore – tell Share Pod Lib where to store backups and how many to store, eject i Pod from PC. Like Firefox, it is built from Mozilla, cross-platform and open source.

Songbird includes the following features: Plays MP3/AAC/OGG/FLAC/WMA and more, Multi-Language Support, Integrated Web Search, Smart Mixes, Play In Place (Songbird plays MP3s without leaving the page) and Add-ons (plugins).

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