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You send a message, do the quick calculations to work out if your friend is awake or asleep, and either wait for a reply, or go about your business and let Whatsapp notify you when a reply has been sent back.A couple of interesting things to note: Now that you know how to use Whatsapp, here’s how you leverage the technology to greatly increase your capabilities, and thus results.

Though #missedcallscam was trending in Twitter Mumbai today but it was the same tweet getting RTed, so not much of a chaos.The number which might look like a Mumbai number on the first look, given the 022 STD code, actually is an 11 digit international number and resonates with the African country Guinea that has calling code of 224 and the country follows a 8 digit standard phone number.At this moment there is no certainty as to what this number is and if this is true or rumor.In case you get a call and you have no relatives in that little African country, avoid answering it.A random search revealed some forum discussing this number for past couple of months but no case of balance deduction was reported.

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