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Warden, who used to work at Apple (though not on the i Phone), and Allan had been collaborating on some location data visualization projects, including a visualization of radiation levels over time in Japan after the earthquake, when Allan discovered the file on an i Phone."After we dug further and visualized the extracted data, it became clear that there was a scary amount of detail on our movements," they wrote in a blog post.Can’t forward a text message: I still can’t forward a text message.I receive a weekly text message from Redbox offering a free night’s rental and the text message encourages me to forward the code to friends, but I can’t on the i Phone.Last week they said there was no evidence of that information being sent to Apple or anyone else, which Apple has now said it uses to build a large, anonymized database.That data was found to be unencrypted, giving anyone with access to your phone or computer where backups may be stored a way to grab the data.What’s interesting, though, is that lately I tend to just jot it down in the Notes application and e-mail it to myself at the start of the day. We also have Mobile Me, though there have been so many outages that I haven’t had a chance to play yet.I also tried to enable it from my i Phone and it said it was going to erase all Contacts, etc.

Pete Warden, a writer, and Alasdair Allan, a senior research fellow in astronomy at the University of Exeter, discovered the log file and created a tool that lets users see a visualization of that data.I’ve shut those off now, so we’ll see how much better the battery performs.Lack of 3G: the new i Phone 3G has 3G (hence the name).No cut and paste: Surprisingly, Apple nor any developers have offered a cut and paste solution yet.Apple did release the ability to tap and save a photo from the Web to the i Phone, so it’s not that much more of a leap to do a cut-and-paste, especially since I have 16GB of usable memory available for the temporary storage.

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