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On the pocked and muddy streets of the Moldovan village.On the thin cows walking listlessly past broken fences.Since 2010, when spectacular video of a riot in Warsaw, Poland by a semi-professional cameraman using a Robo Kopter drone went viral on You Tube, journalists have increasingly used aerial photography, videography and airborne sensors to document environmental devastation, monitor pollutants emanating from dumps and cover natural and man-made disasters.In Moscow, journalists shot vivid images in 2011 of demonstrations against the government of Vladimir Putin.The focus is on exposing relatively undemocratic governments to public scrutiny in societies where the ground is particularly ripe for holding leaders accountable.Moldova, independent only since 1991, is deeply dependent on Russia for its energy needs.Another, by reporters from the New York Times, showed the rushing waters of a melting glacier in Greenland inaccessible by land. Critics argue that the unmanned aerial cameras could be used for overly invasive purposes and could fray the ethical and legal guidelines that journalists have worked under for decades.Even as the popularity of using drones expands, drone journalism in the U. But in countries like Moldova, the excitement about drone journalism is real.

In Australia, television reporters used drone images shot from above to document deplorable conditions in an immigrant detention center.“We are talking about journalists who are desperate to get out from under state control.There is a lot of courage among them to expose officials and organizations that are corrupt. They face persecution of the media, deteriorating standards, media outlets that are reporting along political lines.Stung by the impact of this report and recent others like it, but unable to combat them in court because drones are not covered by current Moldovan law, legislators are pushing a bill through the country’s Parliament that would severely curtail the use of drones in the future.The team of young reporters who produced the story has joined a small but growing cohort of journalists around the world who are using the bird’s eye perspective of drone-mounted cameras to challenge some of the globe’s most repressive regimes by revealing secrets from the sky.“As a child in Moldova, every boy dreams of being a pilot,” said Constantin Celac, the 29 year-old democracy activist turned journalist who led the report. Now I dream of using the power of journalism to send a message to the people who govern us, to make a difference.

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