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If you show any boobs or vagina, you will be placed in the restricted zone (link #3 for R rated).

If you expose no nipples, boobs, pussy, but you are still doing a pose that is povocative or somewhat sexual in nature, you photos will show up in the PG-13 restricted access area.

Type in your name, or anything you want, and receive your Boob Message.If you are not at least 18 years old, do not visit the site without your parents! Because some people are offended by brief nudity and full frontal nudity (close to pornography), we have also created half the site devoted to "covered up girls" (still a bit sexually explicit).Not everyone wants to see titties and pussies and we have tried to satisfy all the men out their.Other slang nick names for female breasts (not man-boobs): airbags, babaloos, baloobas, baps, bazoomas, bazoombas, bijongas, billibongs, boobs, boobies, boobsters, boops, bosoms, cans, cha-chas, chesticles, chumbawumbas, dinglebobbers, dugs, flapdoodles, funbags, gazongas, goombas, honkers, jahoobies, jugs, kagemushas, kawangas, knockers, melons, milkmakers, Mobutus, mounds, Murphys, nay-nays, neeners, ninnies, norks, num-nums, palookas, pillows, pushmatahas, rack, shabba-dos, shlobes, shmozobs, soombas, splazoingas, squachies, tatas, teetees, tishomingos, tits, titties, tweeters, twekkers, wahwahs, whimwhams, wopbopaloobops, yazoos, etc...Some funny boob nicknames to use in live IRC chat, LOL!

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