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Although not yet complete, work is in progress, feel welcome to copy and distribute any part of the tutorial to anyone in need: IRC Chat Room Web Pages Hosted.As a service to the user, will begin hosting web pages for those who register with Deepspace and establish a chat room within the rules of Deepspace. If chat fails to load probably means java/Flash is not installed or enabled. You must have updated version Java/Flash and should be enabled in your system to join our web chatrooms.The software is offered free to use with no warranty or support although any bugs can be reported here.Along with surfing the web and e-mail, IRC is a valuable and key communication tool for the disabled and elderly to replace the isolation of DEEP SPACE in which they are forced to live.

"Clearly and beyond all doubt, the only purpose and reason for life is to learn.

All living beings, plant or animal, that ever was, is, or ever will be throughout the universe must adapt or perish as with the dinosaur.

Yet it is the fate of humanity, above all, to have the consciousness to understand and give reason to life." (preparing for launch) Computer use classes and programming are provided when available and requested by a sufficient number of users. These questions are answered with section II of this web page.

Or you can go to PCLinux Online and read all about it and even join their forum(s) to ask questions.

Coming soon will be a list of PCLinux OS developers who have volunteered to mail at cost a Live CD disk to those who are unable to download burn one for them selves.

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