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Despite being terrified of her still confused feelings, Jane and Taylor have sex for the first time.

The next day at school, Jane tells Taylor that "it was a mistake" and that she's not gay.

The movie begins with Jane narrating about her life from her birth, to her first birthday and even her first day of kindergarten.

Throughout the events, Jane talks about how overprotective her parents have been of her.

After they're left alone by Jane's parents, Taylor confesses about her home life and how scared she is sometimes.

Jane, wanting to comfort her, brushes Taylor's hair away and begins stroking it.

The film jumps to Jane at age 15, starting her first day of high school.

Although Jane appears to be happy and a normal teenage girl to her friends and family, inside she's feeling alone and different, particularly due to her lack of interest in boys which her friends take note of.

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When she finally gets over her confusion, she asks Taylor for a second chance, but Taylor turns her down. Walcott takes Jane into her office and, with some gentle encouraging, Jane confesses that she had sex with someone for the first time and about her situation with Taylor.Digital Playground keeps on the forefront of the entertainment industry through technological advancement, vast shooting styles, various niches, and their latest program, Series, a cinematic story shown in a sequence of weekly episodes.In 2015, Digital Playground released the first reality-based adult competition, DP Star, the search for the next contract star.Taylor stares at her for a moment, before she and Jane share their first kiss.In a voice over, Jane wonders to herself if kissing Taylor made her gay and that, at the time, she convinced herself that "it was just a phase".

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