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And the immediate after-effect transitions into a Class 4 experience as you feel depressed, guilty, isolated, lonely, embarrassed, and socially anxious, which prevents you from going out, building relationships and enjoying life. Tony Robbins argues that the secret is understanding and using the six basic human needs, which are: It’s impossible to meet all of these needs if you’re feeling depressed, socially anxious, lazy, or lonely from frequent masturbation and porn use. Feeling of wholeness that is not reliant on an external source 39. – While Stas went to the kitchen, Light led the guests in the room. At the sight of a girl lost her mind even I, not that dog.On the flip side, we have Class 3 experiences that feel good, but ultimately destroy our quality of life and give us pain.

In Psychology Today, Marnia Robinson stated that when people “abstain from porn and cut way back on masturbation, their desire to connect with others surges. Better response to emotionally charged situations 63. Being better at controlling other aspects of life, like cooking, exercising etc 69.

I suggest quit masturbating and go on a 30 day, then 60 day, then 90 day challenge to fully experience the positive affects of no porn and frequent masturbation. Strive to make love with women to fulfill your desires instead.

You will find that with all the free time you are being more productive, social, meeting new people, attracting more women into your life, and trying new things.

The doctor says it’s good to ejaculate because it’s helpful for your prostate. But no doctor is going to recommend that you masturbate to porn 2 times a day and replace normal sexual activity with it. Better ability to learn and remember new things and new ‘songs’ 28.

Masturbating to another male having sex puts you in the beta male position where you are the spectator in another man’s pleasure.

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