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I like dominant ladies, but not taken to the extreme.I am a bit of that myself, and I am learning to take control over my life. I have never had a chance to live out these thoughts though I have always needed too.I think, I couldn't handle having a submissive girlfriend or wife, who always stays silent, no matter how much I am messing around and is always unassertive... But, make no mistake, I am owned by her as her personal slave. I'm thinking this must be a resulting factor of the new rush and surge of power that I've been feeling; it's addicting and...So i have my first recruit from experience project safely under lock and key.Her last man objected, I think, to her dating and sleeping with other men. I met a dominate woman a few years ago for a drink. We settled into the hotel bar, which was surrounded by the rooms of the 10 story hotel.

She wasted little time getting around to saying how dominant she was and how much she likes an obedient man.As I submit to her in different positions, my desire to please her overwhelms me. I am a true slave, under contract to a very dominant, beautiful woman.I want to please her so much, it hurts and I whimper in gratitude as she takes me. I really like it if woman know what they want and dont hesistate to tell every male their opinions about these and that. But I've never believed "dominant" and "*****" are synonymous, although they can certainly go hand-in-hand! We do have a loving relsationship and will be married in the very near future. Lately, I've been fantasizing of collaring nearly every man I pass in the street, and then making him submit.She' s just told me that now She has another gf, too. Here I am looking for a Decent, Understanding Career focused, Open-minded and Liberal woman who can be fine and comfortable...i', kinda jealous but She says it's not my place to be telling Her what to do and i... I just adore the experience of a fully clothed dominant woman making me model lingerie for her.

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