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Stacie Spychalski Buckley, 40, an Atlanta-based director of operations for a professional sports Web site, won't wear elastic-waist clothing outside the gym. Wear a sweater set and a pair of pants.' '' Kat Griffin, 34, who lives in Brooklyn and edits Corporette, a fashion and lifestyle blog for professional women, agrees.

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Steve Heroux, the chief executive of Hampton Direct, which markets Pajama Jeans, said that the company has sold hundreds of thousands of pairs and that sales have been increasing in the triple digits each month. People tell us they're also sleeping in them.'' We are becoming an elastic-waist nation, and not everyone is happy about it.''You're not going to be breaking the glass ceiling.'' And yet maybe women could be forgiven for casting off the restrictive waistbands and narrow cuts of yesteryear; after all, how far is the pantyhose of the corporate-climbing 1980s from the corsets of our pre-suffrage years. Dixon pointed out the error in an e-mail received by The Times on April 13.It's 2011: weren't we all supposed to be wearing silver unitards by now, reading this in our flying cars? ''You're telling your kids you matter, and you're setting yourself up as a role mode for them -- that you always need to have a certain amount of self-respect and put a certain amount of care into your appearance.'' Correction: April 28, 2011, Thursday This article has been revised to reflect the following correction: An article on March 17 about wearing stretch yoga pants at work misspelled part of the name of a woman who frequently wears them. Over in Brooklyn, Lisa Berlenbach Dixon, a retail executive turned stay-at-home mom, said she spends most of her time in yoga pants like those made by Lululemon, an athletic-wear company with five outposts in the city.In tree pose, or in the eagle, the pants just get in the way.'' Searches for ''yoga pants'' on Yahoo in 2010 were 10 times higher than in 2009 (shudder inducingly, 57 percent of these searches in the last month were performed by men), but Jennifer Romolini, editor in chief of Shine, Yahoo's women's lifestyle community site, thinks they should never be worn to work.''I just don't think people are going to take you seriously if you're trying to pull off yoga pants,'' she said.

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