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Don't put yourself at risk of ruining a good friendship or waking up next to a total stranger unable to remember what happened.

Rape and sexual abuse is NEVER the victims fault, but getting drunk can make you more vunerable to abuse and make it more likely you will get into a dangerous situation where you could come to harm. Alcohol and drugs like cocaine, heroin and sedatives numb the nerve cells in our sex organs. They can also make us clumsier and that can result in unsatisfying sex.

The fourth British link, Northern Ireland, has stated it does not intend to introduce same-sex marriage legislation.

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Currently in Scotland, same-sex couples can enter into civil partnerships."This is a profoundly emotional moment for many people who grew up in a country where being gay was still a criminal offence until 1980," Equality Network policy coordinator Tom French said in a statement.

The fact is that drink and many drugs make us emotionally less sensitive as well as physically clumsy.

Added to that, time spent boozing and using drugs and recovering from their after-effects will probably mean less time doing other, more positive things together, like talking and sharing feelings.

Opposing the move, the Church of Scotland said same-sex marriage fundamentally changed marriage as a relationship between one man and one woman.

The Evangelical Alliance Scotland described the move as "legal fiction" and a "blow to society" at a time when Scotland is about to vote in September on whether to split from the rest of Britain and become an independent country."At a time in Scotland when we are considering what kind of nation we want to live in, this legislation sends all the wrong signals about the place of marriage and family in modern day Scotland," spokesman Fred Drummond told Christian Today website.

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