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Girls are now only negligibly behind boys in math and science, areas in which boys have historically outperformed girls (Conlin, 2003).

Our boys are now losing frightening ground in school, and we must come to terms with it—not in a way that robs girls, but in a way that sustains our civilization and is as powerful as the lobby we have created to help girls.

On average, educators will need to provide girls with extra encouragement and gender-specific strategies to successfully engage them in spatial abstracts, including computer design.I was trained in the idea that each student is an individual.But when I saw the PET scans of boys' and girls' brains, I saw how differently those brains are set up to learn. I trained in male/female brain differences and was able to teach each individual child.In addition, the female brain experiences approximately 15 percent more blood flow, with this flow located in more centers of the brain at any given time (Marano, 2003).The female brain tends to drive itself toward stimulants—like reading and writing—that involve complex texture, tonality, and mental activity.

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