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Foreigners are not jailed for performing sexual offenses against children.

there have been instances in which law enforcers take bribes from offenders who wish to have their offences waived.

As foreigners in Sri Lanka, we had a lovely time, completely trouble free and found the locals to be very friendly, kind-hearted people.

However, corruption does not appear to be significant enough to pose a problem with foreign investment, though it is considered to be a persistent issue with customs clearance and smuggling of some consumer products.If a suspicious bag was found without an owner, people panicked and ran away.Several politicians have been victims of suicide bombers, including former President Premadasa. The news readers were reporting deaths as “This many of soldiers gave their lives for the motherland”…“This many Tamil tigers were killed” Death was everywhere.There is no guidance as to what exactly “gross indecency” is or isn’t, which leaves it open to abuse by the police to victimise the LGBT community.Despite attempts by the UN and various Sri Lankan LGBT protest groups to question and repeal these laws, the government has not historically been the most obliging: The recent former President Rajapaksa, stated gay marriage would ruin the Buddhist heritage of the nation.

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