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This went on for another 40 mins when we both exploded together.After which we both lied and rested and then went to take a shower and had fun in the shower as well which i will explain in the next part. Any aunty or lady who wants to have fun in or around Auranagabad can mail me on [email protected], privacy and secrecy assured and so is pleasure assured.Oh gosh i so remember these words, they still make me so hard.I asked her to change positions and we started fucking in doggie style.This story is all about my encounter 2 days back with my masi when she happened to visit us in Aurangabad.The incident i am going to narrate is completely a true incident and i am sure you all would love it.As masi was supposed to sleep next to me, this was the turning point and this was my awakening towards my masi s sexy body. During the day nothing used to happen, but when masi used to come to sleep she would go to the bathroom change to a nighty and then come and sleep on the bed. Her curves were being shown in the nighty and it used to give me a hard on every night.I used to masturbate thinking about it every night.

About my Masi, her name is Raksha, aged 43 but looks like 35.

They really love the feel they get when someone bites their pussy sweetly. This went on for 15 mins and then i wanted to bang her.

I told her to come in missionary position as i just want to enter her now, she did so and i placed my dick on her pussys entrance and in one go i entered her. She was talking in hindi when i was ramming her which excited me as fuck, she was telling chod mujhe, chod teri masi ko, itna bada lund hain tera, ghusaa aur andaar.

Gradually i started getting opened up in front of my masi, i used to stare at her assets and this would give her indications of what my intentions are!

One night masi started talking to me about my girlfriends and all.

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