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So, let's use the /exploit/windows/smb/ms08_067_netapi. To find it, type: We should now have a meterpreter shell on the school's server.Before we can even consider to download files from that server, we want to make certain that no one is on that system where we might get detected.With the F-35B, the JSF program lays claim to an unprecedented aerodynamic hat trick: one common fighter design/three very, very different ways to take off and land. See full summary » The finale of the television series about Dr.

user=username&pwd=password&command=6I also recommend you move your Sidebar to the right, this can be done with the Right Bar addon , I also recommend you remove the max width limit on the Sidebar which can be done by following these instructions .

To be safe, let's wait a bit and hope the administrator goes home for night.

The last thing we want is for the administrator to detect our attempt to download those final exams!

Please do not break into your school's server and steal exams as it's illegal and very likely will get you kicked out of school.

This is just an example of the security risks that high schools and colleges pose from using outdated systems with known vulnerabilities.

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