Fugitive on tv dating show

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In rural Missouri, Jenny Ammory (guest star Gina Gillespie) is a young girl who lies compulsively.She neglects to do her homework and when sent to school against her wishes, she meets Richard Kimble, who is working as a delivery driver under the alias Jim Fowler, when she leaves her books by a dirt pathway to consult a rag doll she has named Naiad she keeps near a creek.Kimble, who is now working as a farm laborer, and a group of farm workers are surrounded in the hills by a huge brush fire and he must reveal that he is doctor in order to deliver a pregnant, illegal immigrant's baby.When the news of Kimble's charitable act is reported to the press, Gerard gets wind of it and believes that Kimble is the unnamed doctor. While working as a gas station attendant in New Mexico, Kimble is taken hostage along with a customer, Joanne Spencer (guest star Brenda Vaccaro), by two holdup men, Miles (Chris Robinson) and Vinnie (Lou Antonio).Guest Stars: Susan Oliver as Karen, Robert Duvall as Eric. Kimble finds work as a cut man for boxer, Joe Smith.Joe confides in Kimble that he wanted to be a doctor, but he chose boxing because he felt that being a black man would be an obstacle in the world of medicine.

When Jenny catches them talking, she is scolded by Emily, but runs home and tells her mother that Kimble and Emily Norton were kissing in the barn.J'aimerais que la série sorte en dvd, là je serais vraiment content !After being on the run for six months, Richard Kimble finds himself in Tucson, Arizona under the name of James Lincoln.He has checked himself into a hotel and has found a job as a bartender at the Branding Iron.There he meets Monica Welles, the piano player with a young son who has escaped her physically abusive, estranged husband Ed Wells.

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