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(However, I will concede that Diraison's Zoro and Jayne's Kaya were my lone comforts of sitting through a little of it, but it's very painful regardless.) The Odex One Piece dub is actually a more faithful translation of the Series script-wise than either the 4Kids or FUNimation dubs, and yet, therein lies the problem: it's literally woodenly translated, and many of the dialogue sounds like it's been verbatim Google Translated from the Original.In addition, the voice acting is so poor all around that it makes the 4Kids' dub's acting seem tolerable in comparison, so to say the least, I feel it's not [email protected] Way Wait, is it possible to hear FUNi's original casting choices for the parts?(part of why I'm hoping their efforts with Gintama will be a success!)I read the manga up to little island before taking a break, this series is fairly good if I think the battles to character sections were a bit uneven at times(although it might just be Shonen cliche by now) but I think once in awhile someone other than Luffy should deal with the main baddy of the arc especially in the Kuro arc which honestly I think had wasted potential As for the voice acting, Japanese is AWESOME for most of it and I like certain touches that were lost in some of the dub(though weirdly some of the performances were present in the 4Kids dub only like Arlong's dramatic flair) Odex well...The last big FUNi show Shelley was a part of besides One Piece was for Jormungand and I think recently Maken-Ki Two.Unless whether the director searches for a very unique voice they won't find in Dallas, they'll farm out to the Houston, LA, or even New York pool of actors.

In a strange sort of way, I'm honestly glad things turned out the way it did.I'm actually glad they got it after 4Kids did, though, mainly because Eric Vale was initially going to be Luffy and that casting is (imo) all wrong for the part- Andrew Chandler also made Zoro sound too evil at times and Chris Sabat was not unique as Helmeppo at all, so I'm really glad Colleen Clinkenbeard got Luffy, Chris Sabat got Zoro, and Troy Baker got Helmeppo when FUNimation took over dub rights.The 4Kids One Piece dub was (frankly) a disaster of epic proportions, combining the companies' worst practices in any of their other dubs, all into one single dub, which many have argued over the years is the worst dub ever made: it replaces all the music with a score that is languid and dull, has pretty bad voice acting (especially from Luffy, Sanji, and Usopp's VAs of the main cast, to name a few), a bad rap intro, terrible script writing (count how many puns there were every episode, and some words were gibberish, "a gazzilion miles," "Tracheon toymonger," etc.), numerous edits everywhere ("super soakers," Laboon the iceberg, etc.).Shibari, more correctly known as Kinbaku is an ancient Japanese artistic form of rope bondage that has many styles and uses. It is related in style to other traditional Japanese arts such as Ikebana, Sumi-e (black ink painting) and Chanoyu (the tea ceremony).

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