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I drove to her town which was about 40 mins west of the GTA to meet at a restaurant for tapas and drinks (you can never go wrong with tapas, gents).She showed up looking hot in a nice dress and sun glasses – and we quickly got along.Almost all agree that they bit off more than they could chew and seriously hate the job.The born and bred city girl Not many dates with this one, they tend to repent me.The next day we set out on our 3-4 hour drive, stopping for food at road-side greasy spoons and grabbing snacks at bakery’s before getting there just in time to grab the hotel room in the entire town.

I avoid them now as they are usually worse than re-bounders with their false timelines and expectations. It’s funny too, as the partner is far more relaxed and open than the junior is.

I use to live in the area and know all the back-roads and hidden gems – but she directed us back to her place first.

She gave me a nice tour of her extremely well decorated home before we hopped in her car and headed out for our country drive.

We were quickly in-touch again and she said dinner was on her, back in her town – I was game.

I picked her up and we went to a very nice old little house that had been converted to a restaurant.

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