Furry men dating

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When men have higher levels of testosterone, they're more likely to have a higher sex drive, live longer, are more confident and honest, and have more energy and optimism.2. In a study by researcher Michael Siva-Jothy they found that hungry bugs placed on shaved arms were more likely to feed, compared with those on an unshaved arm, as the hair slows down the bug and alerts the victim.

Aikarakudy Alias, a psychiatrist who's been working on the relationship between body hair and intelligence says that hairy chests are more likely to be found amongst doctors, as well as the highly educated, in the general population.3. Hairy men are better able to detect parasites on their body.

There is no point waxing your chest or back if you’re not going to finish the job properly and give your crack and sack a once over too. 3) Hot sex Here’s the science bit – hair growth is determined by hormones, in particular testosterone, which contributes towards a man’s fat distribution, muscle strength and sex drive.

To be fair, I've done my research and I've had it both ways.

Years ago, I *spent some time* with a man who shaved his chest (as well as abs and nether regions).

Apparently "manscaping" — the act of pruning a man's body hair, the way you might a topiary — is becoming more mainstream in the U. This is obviously a great excuse for us all to talk about male body hair.

According to recent research by Wahanda Spa, "the demand for male waxing in the UK has risen 56 percent while keeping everything neat, tidy and inside the lines with subtle 'manscaping' has more than doubled in popularity over the last 12 months," the Daily Mail reported.

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