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He also wrote several scripts as ¨Palla Al Centro¨ , ¨Ho Voglia Di Te¨ , ¨Classe Mista 3A¨ and ! He went on directing successes as the .5 million period drama "Palm Trees in the Snow" also with Mario Casas .Posted in Drama, Filme HD, Romantic Tags: Tengo ganas de ti, Tengo ganas de ti online subtitrat, Tengo ganas de ti film online, Trei metri deasupra cerului Te doresc, Trei metri deasupra cerului Te doresc online subtitrat, Trei metri deasupra cerului Te doresc film online Tengo ganas de ti 2012 (Trei metri deasupra cerului.Reamintindu-şi un pic de evenimentele din trecut, el îşi ia motocicleta şi pleacă la o plimbare, ajungând în portul unde obişnuia să participe la curse ilegale.De îndată ce ajunge acolo, el este sunat de Katina Maria Salas care a aflat de la fratele său că s-a întors şi stabilesc să se întâlnească mai târziu într-un parc.Tengo ganas de entenderte cuando nadie te hace caso Y nadie te acompaña Tengo ganas de que te des cuenta que este amor Secreto sólo es para ti Tengo ganas de soñar despierto Reemplazar mi soledad por tu silencio Tengo ganas de que tengas ganas de tenerme a mi Tengo ganas de que tengas ganas de tenerme a mi Tengo ganas de inventarle un mandamiento a mis pecados Tengo ganas de ser libre amarrándome a tus pies Tengo ganas de enrredarme con mi furia y tus abrazos Tengo todo de algún modo pero no te tengo a ti.Amazing work by Federico Moccia, one more time on this sequel to A tes metros del cielo.In 1953, he travels back to the exotic Equatorial African island of Fernando Poo, in ...See full summary » Emilio, a shy, not too brilliant pupil at a humble local secondary school, has always harbored a secret love for Natalia, the cutest, brightest girl in the class. See full summary » Having not seen the prequel, I am basing my comments strictly on this film (which is as it should be). We are subjected to many lingering shots of pretty faces, model bodies and high fashion in an assortment of nicely lit night settings. Well, there is a story but it has all the depth of a puddle.

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It is the chronicle of a love improbable, almost impossible but inevitable dragging in a frantic journey they discover the first ...

Atmospheric and moving musical score by Manel Santisteban .

And the advertisement including Christina Aguilera who looks amazing on the set for her music video for ' Hoy Tengo Ganas De Ti' with Alejandro Fernández . Federico is a Best-seller writer and director , known for¨ Amore 14¨ , ¨Scusa Ma Ti Voglio Sposare¨ , ¨Tre Metri Sopra Il Cielo¨ (2004) or ¨Tres Metros Sobre el Cielo¨ (2010) and its sequel , ¨Tengo Ganas De Ti¨ (2012) . The motion picture was professionally directed by the Spanish filmmaker Fernando González Molina ("Three Steps Above Heaven") .

And agreeable and charming Maria Valverde as the innocent Babi .

As shown in the film, H and Babi develop a relationship , well, the two actors developed a relationship of their own in 2010 , though it is known that the two broke up in September of 2014 .

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