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Paul wanted to send Gavin to a school which specialized in kids with serious disabilities. Paul DROPPED his claim and Gavin will continue in the school he's in ... Paul also dropped his request that she pay his attorney's fees. we're told Paul also dropped his lawsuit against the former couple's chef, Bernie Guzman, who had plastered photos of a bruised Adrienne on his Facebook page, claiming Paul inflicted the injuries.Paul sued Bernie for making the claims, but today dropped the case.According to a new Bravo report, Adrienne Maloof is now revealing that she could possibly return to “Well, I think the show has become a little more in-depth with the drama than before. “Well, not at this time, but stranger things have happened.You never know.” When Adrienne Maloof decided to divorce Paul Nassif, the couple had three children. Adrianne decided to leave the show behind after announcing her divorce, and she skipped out on the reunion special.

At the time Adrienne said of the romance: “He’s truly a compassionate man.

And it sounds like Adrienne Maloof is ready to support her ex-husband.

No word on whether she believes these abuse rumors.

A source says: “She and Sean definitely had an amazing spark, but it fizzled fast.

They had a talk and, while they really care for each other, decided they would be better as friends.

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