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Incidentally, it was that very Pride parade where Outsports marched with about 100 LGBT athletes, coaches and others from across the sports world. “We walked away from the day a lot happier and a lot more comfortable with ourselves." Since then he’s been unabashed about being gay and sharing photos of himself and Grant, including this post from his homecoming last fall, with his boyfriend by his side: “I'm not quite sure how to describe senior homecoming,” Geick wrote.

“It was one of the most amazing experiences I've ever had and it's absolutely insane to think I've been with this boy for 7 months now. I love you; thank you.” Instagram has, to an extent, become a bit of a love letter from Geick to his boyfriend.

“It kind of exploded from there.” “Exploded” is, in this case, an understatement.

Just minutes after coming out to the students at his lunch table a year ago, his phone began to “blow up” from other students and teammates asking if the news was true.

It was only a couple weeks after starting to date his boyfriend that Stevenson High School’s gay star wrestler, Dylan Geick, decided the closet wasn’t for him.

“I really didn’t like having to sneak around,” Geick told Outsports, “so I came out to the kids at my lunch table one day after last season.

His apparent leadership extends to an ease when talking to the media about being part of what he considers a special team.

"It's an amazing environment [coach Cook] has put together," Geick told the Chicago Tribune after the state meet.

Even his competitors have stayed away from harassing him about being gay.

Cook offered his full support but gave him a warning.

“Guys from other schools may try to use it to dig at you,” Cook said.

This year at the Class 3A state meet he finished fourth in the 160-pound division, just a year after finishing fourth in the 152-pound class. "He's an incredible athlete,” coach Shane Cook said of Geick last year to the Chicago Tribune.

“He has great wrestling speed, is very strong, extremely talented.

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