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The male to female ratio currently hovers at about 7 to 1." (Urban Dictionary: Man Diego) Well, I pulled up the official 2010 Census figures and discovered that females comprise 49.5% of the population of San Diego city (San Diego (city) Quick Facts from the US Census Bureau) and 49.8% of San Diego County (San Diego County Quick Facts from the US Census Bureau).

So, can someone explain the phenomenon of "Man Diego"?

Make a list of all your qualities and be honest with yourself.

Write down everything you have to offer someone in a relationship.

Whilst none of the figures are large enough for concern, the study does identify an interesting behavioral pattern.

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Gay men feel more insecure: Gay men also averaged 3% lower on the ‘secure’ scale. Gay men are more ‘anxious about the future’: Gay respondents were 2% more likely to describe themselves as ‘anxious about the future’.

Is the non-resident male military population so vast as to be no match for the city's 1,307,402 residents or the county's 3,095,313?

Are all the "Man Diegans" hanging out in the wrong places?

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In another thread, a fellow City-Data Forum member implied that the dating scene in San Diego is not good for men, telling me to google "Man Diego." Well, I did google "Man Diego," and all I found was an Urban definition stating, "Despite having beautiful weather and beaches it has very Asexual overtones due to its extremely conservative nature and dispropotionate number of males to females.

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