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Momo, the seductive younger sister of Lala (who fully intends to take advantage of Rito's lost memories)? Run, Lala's old friend and idol singer/actress who nurses a crush on Rito herself?

For To-Love-Ru Darkness True Princess, you get to avoid both pitfalls in one game. There's an encyclopaedia included to describe certain terms as well as profiles of the characters, but previous knowledge is still assumed.Unlike most dating sims, Rito starts out already knowing all the potential girlfriends and so the game revolves around him developing serious feelings for them without the baggage that holds him back in the anime/manga (primarily his childhood crush on Haruna Sairenji). If your OTP is Yui Kotegawa, they can get together. Without inhibition and needless subtleties, some of these anime titles just seem to go all-out with their own sensational whims.A perfect example of this peculiar sensation would be the anime - To Love Ru! With elements of comic relief, romantic harem encounters, and even some bits of ecchi, To Love-Ru showcases an impression cuddled with both pleasure and laughter.

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