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Gearing up to release his Chris Brown is set to embark on a US tour with two of his buds in tow — Trey Songz & Tyga — and he has a warning to all guys attending the shows with their significant others.

Confident that the tour dates will consist of mostly females in the audience, the "New Flame" singer stated to MTV that it takes a lot of courage to watch your lady go full-on fangirl in the presence of the three rap/R&B stars. "Only" debuted on i Heart Radio's site for Minaj's fans to hear, and with Wayne & Drake being mentioned in the song's lyrics (as well as rapping on it), it's making headlines all over the Web. It didn't only produce one of their biggest hits to date, "Dirt": it also cemented the twosome at the no.1 spot on Billboard's Artist 100 countdown.

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