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In those instances, the sex service's only recourse would be to collect directly from the consumer.In other instances, sex services offer their own credit cards and maintain lists of bad debtors. Stiles said that the company's collection techniques included threatening to reveal to employers of clients -- some of them in the military -- that a caller was gay and had not paid bills for calls to a "gay chat line," even if the service involved did not cater to gays."They are still calling our home," one consumer complained to the Pennsylvania Attorney General's office last September after she had paid a bill for that she said she did not owe.Other people who refused to pay say the company carried out its threats.The Federal complaint is a civil action, and Michael R.Stiles, the United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, refused to say at the news conference here whether his office would file criminal charges.

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Paying the company, however, did not bring relief, the complainants said.

PHILADELPHIA, June 9— A company that specialized in collecting debts for calls to telephone-sex lines extorted more than million by threatening to inform spouses and employers about clients' debts for the calls, Federal prosecutors said today at a news conference.

Some victims said they had never called the sex services but had paid the collection agency to avoid embarrassment, according to complaints made to state and Federal authorities.

Such mobile phones are now cheap enough for a journalist or blogger (or Confidential Human Intelligence Source handler) to give them out to their whistleblower contacts and to pay for the top up calling credit from their end, rather than potentially exposing the identity of their source. By default all new phones and SIM cards are blocked from using these "Adult" services so you have to contact the network e.g.

at a high street mobile phone shop, for them to flag that handset as being usable for tracking (or for expensive SMS or internet pornography or sex chatlines etc.) However, just because pre-paid mobile phones are often referred to by the Police and by lazy journalists as "anonymous" , that does not mean that they are.

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