Godaddy email forwarding validating mx record

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If you purchased your domain from Google when you signed up for G Suite, you don’t need to update anything and you can start using Gmail now.

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article_id=321I was using godaddy to forward mail but set-up the same thing on my hosting (as well as holding a mailbox) for the domain on one of the email addresses.The record can also be found in your Go Daddy dashboard by going to My Products › Office 365 Email & Productivity › Manage › Set Mail Destination.Unsupported Office 365 Features: Big Commerce does not support SRV records which are required for using Lync Online with Microsoft 365.What you're looking for is the MX record, "hey if someone's mailing [email protected], the mail server's at this IP".Never used Go Daddy since I always just run the DNS myself, but I'm guessing for mail forwarding there'll be an option with the domain to let gd handle it.

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