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“With the combination of cell phone technology and availability of apps, we’ve noticed an increase.” School administrators, required by law to notify law enforcement when students are found sexting, are also filing more reports.“If parents would get involved, we could stop a lot of this stuff.While the leadership may have changed at MATA, our commitment to our mission has not.TBI said 475 men responded to ads posted on websites like Backpage and Craigslist.Multiple agencies arrested and cited 42 people in Memphis during Operation Someone Like Me. So when you go online and you think you are texting and chatting with an underage innocent female you may not be and this is a warning." Gwyn said the buyers were among all types of professions."The buyers ran the gamete.

But, our top priority as an organization is to remain committed to the number one task at hand and that is diligently serving the Memphis public and our customers by identifying dedicated funding sources and ensuring that public transit is a reliable option for the Memphis area.

He added that to really address the problem, the focus needs to shift toward demanding men to refrain from patronizing prostitution."Women you see advertised online are people, not products," Gwyn said.

"We need men to step up and demand better from themselves and the men around them."This undercover operation comes as TBI cracks down on human trafficking state-wide with a billboard campaign."What has resulted from that work was eight felony arrests," Shelby County District Attorney Amy Weirich said.

Last year, many celebrities got unwanted exposure after nude photos in their i Cloud accounts were leaked on the Internet.

The release of private, sometimes provocative photos taken with cell phones created many an embarrassing situation, even for actors used to living in the public eye. Your son or daughter, fluent with technology but less skilled in predicting consequences, snaps a nude selfie and texts it to a dating partner.

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