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Videos Are All You Need: While some sites can do very well only with video, you need to consider that there are some limitations to the audience you can reach.

Be sure to back it up with non-video content as well.

This will hurt your organic ranking temporary or even for a long time.

You Need to Rank #1: Ideally, you want to rank number one.If Google sees that you have zero nofollow links, this will raise a red flag that you're only building links and not earning them naturally.Nofollow links have value (they always had), and they aren't something you should be ignoring any longer. Google don't follow "nofollow links": Nofollow attribute main purpose was to retain authority and Page Rank.Sometimes a short article will still generate a lot of shares or comments, which does affect placement.The key is to make sure your SEO copywriting content is unique and compelling.37.

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