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She has talked to them both about her role, ‘as I have with all my cousins’, she says carefully.

‘When you have the theoretical as well as the emotional understanding of why people are the way they are, it is easy to be compassionate and forgiving’The hair is a tumbling swish rather than a neat bob, but the eyes are the same piercing blue, and to anyone who lived through the Diana era, the genetic inheritance is uncanny.And this week, she will step from below the radar to help raise awareness and funds for a cause that has become dear to her heart.Give Us Time is a small but ingenious charity that takes one-week holidays donated by owners of holiday homes and timeshares and matches them with British soldiers in need of rest, rehabilitation and reconnection with their families.But it is also evident, from her warm handshake and gentle smile, that she has that same instinctive ability to put others at ease.‘I suppose people will always try to make the comparisons,’ she says, blushing furiously, when I remark on the similarities between them.

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