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Your other statement about Masters and Johnson having discovered a "cure" for premature ejaculation, and that any man who has it can somehow conquer it with a few months of training is simply not true.

Masters and Johnson's postulations about PE have never been validated elsewhere.

As a result, sexologists consider PE men's #1 sex problem.

The numbers: Erection problems* (% reporting any during previous year)18-29: 730-39: 940-49: 1150-59: 1857-64: 31 65-74: 4575-85: 43 Premature Ejaculation*(same criterion)18-29: 3030-39: 32 40-49: 28 50-59: 31 57-64: 30 65-74: 28 75-85: 22 (*One study tracked ages 18-59, the other, 57 to 85) PE has a convoluted history.

From developing the mindset required, the dietary factors, busting myths, details of her sexual anatomy, the nuances of how to touch, kiss, and go down on her during love making..this sounds like a plug so be it, I heartily recommend the book. is NOT CURABLE makes me wonder if you've tried unsuccessfully to overcome it yourself. Since your post was published, my wife has been teasing me that perhaps I've missed my calling. Your book is PACKED with many more tips and techniques, but just that one tip quoted above has helped me sexually heal many clients.

I especially recommend the chapter on ejaculatory control. Paul, what I'll now say might embarass you, but I assure you it is inadvertent. If that is so, I suggest you read 'Great Sex' by Michael Castleman. I started this post by stating that you are a brilliant writer. But I have to mention that Michael Castleman's prose is no less stellar. Castleman's writing is the complete meal for REAL MEN. I say "heal" because after just a few sessions of making love to them, I SEE them blossom, they look more upbeat, they carry themselves with greater self-esteem, they seem to have a new sense of purpose.

Psychoanalytic theory blamed it on neurotic ambivalence toward women. In addition, in our culture, men are supposed to orchestrate sex, but few young men know much about lovemaking.

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Ironically, women become happier not just because the man lasts longer--only 25 percent of women are consistently orgasmic during intercourse no matter how long it lasts (read more)--but because the program that cures PE teaches men to make love the way women prefer, with the emphasis on whole-body sensually. You give no guidance as to what it might be, the different subtypes, what the range of "normal" is vs.

I happen to be a popular gigolo (probably the most popular) in my country, commanding a premium fee. Castleman, I attribute a large part of my success to the dog-eared copy of his book that I refer to often. I write from India, and I can't tell you how grateful I am for your book.

'Great Sex' tackles EVERY minute detail of how to be a great lover. The "whole body, massage-inspired sensuality that considers the entire body - every square inch - one big erogenous zone" that you espouse in your book, and the intricate detail with which you explain its implementation..transformed my sex life and my ejaculatory control.

Those men, they argued, were more likely to father children and pass their genes, including presumably those for PE, to future generations.

However, by the 20th century, PE was again problematic. They're primed to ejaculate and don't even need sex to do it (wet dreams).

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