Gridview row updating get row

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In the above Grid View Properties set 'Auto Generate Select Button=True'.

See the following image of a Grid View after setting 'Auto Generate Select Button=True'.

When users are updating multiple rows they get saddled with a very repetitious workflow: Click the Edit button for the first row... The trick is to populate the Item Template -- normally reserved for displaying data -- with controls that allow the user to enter data.

and my cs page code for rowcommand protected void Grid View1_Row Command(object sender, Grid View Command Event Args e) i got some error while reteriving the gridrow valuewheather this is corrector any other code must be their?In this case, we replaced the default Label with a Radio Button List that had its Data Source set to a table that listed the user's choices.When the user finished making their changes, they clicked an "Update Survey" button on the page.In my previous tutorials, I’d explained get gridview selected row hiddenfield value using jquery, how to keep gridview selected rows during paging, how to print gridview data on print button click event and other more cracking tutorials on Grid View, here.Make sure I’ve used runat=”server” property of checkbox to access and identify selected rows and also declared On Click=”btn Get Data_Click” event of button control to get row values from code-behind file.

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