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The visitors to a web site can typically be divided into two groups: the users and the administrators.

In data driven web sites, users are normally allowed to view data and administrators are allowed to add, edit or delete data.

Update: the problem looks like that you have also bind your Edit Item template columns with the data from data table, and when you are getting the data in the code behind you are not getting the updated data which the user updates in edit mode and u still getting the old data.

So I am having an issue with doing an update in a Gridview during an On Row Updating event.

By using the Grid View Row object we can find the reference of any control in the row in which user is editing the data.This collection only requires the row index no and it will give us the primary key.Last line of the following code is calling a local method for updating the database and passing all the parameters to this method.By Default, Grid View control displays Item Template which directly shows the Product Name and Unit Price columns but when user clicks Edit button Grid View automatically switches to Edit Item Template and display the control available inside Edit Item Template for user editing.Now I will show you the C# code behind file of the above ASP.

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