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She also seemed to have a troubled past where she mentions she previously had an eating disorder.So, in spite of her "money is happiness" personality, what she reveals to Niko contradicts this.Throughout the single-player mode, players play as Niko Bellic.An online multiplayer mode is included with the game, allowing up to 32 players to engage in both co-operative and competitive gameplay in a recreation of the single-player setting.

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She will also occasionally send pictures to Niko's phone of herself, or randomly text him with pointless jabber.

She has a chihuahua, Valentino, according to her craplist profile and her messages sent to Niko, and likes to take him to get a champagne enema weekly.

Despite the fact that Alex embellishes on her lifestyle, when drunk she will mention that she hates herself.

In, Alex's page is known as Liberated Woman.

Here, she blogs regularly about her dates with Niko.

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