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President Adams acknowledged the sheer magnitude of women as an emerging force in many letters with his wife, declaring women as a "tribe more numerous and powerful than the rest." While the power of the tribe is growing in terms of education, influence and spirit today, the swell of global feminine empowerment has just begun to hit a crescendo.A cynical New Yorker might say that this sudden interest or consciousness has been spurred by the inevitability that social media will expose any remaining misogynists, so they better get ahead of it.While at Pepsi, I worked with numerous sports properties, including the NFL, and I also served as a LGPA board member." The league has been boosting its female leadership ranks as it seeks to keep sponsors in the fold in the wake of the domestic violence controversy.Last week, the league said it retained the services of three female senior advisers to "help lead and shape the NFL's policies and programs relating to domestic violence and sexual assault." One of the women assisting the league is Lisa Friel, former head of the Sex Crimes Prosecution Unit in the New York County District Attorney's Office. Hudson's appointment marks the second time this year that a major sports league has picked a female to head marketing.The women's issue is one of the longest-running social justice debates in history.More than a century before women were granted the right to vote, First Lady Abigail Adams chided her husband and then President John Adams about the abject lack of validation of women in America -- rather ironic in a country founded on the pillars of equality and freedom.A more optimistic stance could be that women and men alike are truly committed to contributing to the success of our girls and pushing our society to double-down on women's achievements.Young men are facing a new type of pressure to live up to the #impossiblestandard of "doing it all" -- something that women have been dealing with forever as they juggle the role of breadwinner and parent, decision-maker and listener, power player and empathizer, leader and collaborator, and so on. Today's generation of young men who are coming of age in leadership positions are far more open, if not downright encouraging, of female empowerment.

Dawn Hudson comes to the league directly from The Parthenon Group, a Boston-based strategic consulting firm, where she spent the past five years working in the food, beverage and restaurant sectors.

Previously, she spent 11 years at Pepsi Co, where she held several senior level positions, including CEO of Pepsi-Cola North America and other marketing-related jobs. Waller would be focusing on growing the NFL's international business. Hudson will report to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and begin next month.

She also has agency experience, holding jobs at D'Arcy Masius Benton & Bowles and Ms. "We are looking forward to working with Dawn, whose experience as a leader and marketer will help further connect the NFL with fans," Mr. "I am excited to join the NFL where I will be able to combine two of my passions – sports and marketing," Ms. "Sports have always played a big role in my life and in my career.

Fantasizing that your phone is your personal assistant is even lamer than blinging out your fingers with zircon rings while you sit on your pleather couch watching Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous reruns.

Either be wealthy enough to hire support staff or level-headed enough to know you don't have any.

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