Heavy metal dating thirties

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The man himself takes a puff on his cigarette as I approach, then looks up.In response to my anodyne greeting of "How are you?The phrase "lock up your daughters" could have been invented for him. It is called The Wörld is Yours, and by the strictures of music law, it should be rubbish – little more than a pale imitation of all that has come before it. It's actually pretty great, a record of heads-down, furiously delivered juggernaut rock; Lemmy venting his spleen with as much teeth-gnashing ferocity as he ever did. "This is how my life was always meant to take place: in the back of a tour bus somewhere, a girl I've never met before in my lap, and who will be gone by morning. It suits me." Lemmy, to no one's great surprise, is not his real name.This time, he takes to task the recession ("Brotherhood of Man"), which, incidentally, he believes is little more than a conspiracy to make bankers richer still; women who have wronged him ("Bye Bye Bitch"); and his own mortality ("I Know How to Die"). (It's a nickname prompted by his early habit of always asking "lend me a fiver?His voice is a hoarse croak, but despite the ravages of time, he still cuts a formidable presence.

Motörhead may always have been a band, but Lemmy was its sole focal point.The band had difficulty booking UK tours, and no longer had a record deal. Makes me sound like a 500-year-old religious painting. ' I ask him what he was looking for during his endless conquests. He has, as he puts it, "two-and-a-half" children from his various relationships, one of whom, a son, is a record producer in Los Angeles whom he sees once in a while. "But that won't last for very much longer," he says. "And so that will be him gone – for a couple of years at least, until the novelty wears out, heh heh." And now he drifts helplessly back on to the subject of women, and the bond he never managed to form with any of them. You fall in love with someone and then they try to turn you into somebody else. " Though he couches such sentiments in the curmudgeonly tones of a grumpy old man, this is nevertheless a metalhead revealing an unexpected vulnerable side. They made him look like a victim." An American TV production company, he reveals, did offer him his own reality show, but he wasn't interested.The singer, disconsolate, moved to Los Angeles, not so much to start again as simply to escape. "I thought that that was the end for me." Any number of old rockers shore up in Los Angeles, awaiting either inglorious death or remarkable revival. "Suddenly, we were this foreign band," he says, grinning, "and that had a kind of appeal." Newer acts also started to revere him as a kind of godfather, an icon, his hedonistic lifestyle the one they wished to emulate. But otherwise, between tours, he retreats to his two-bedroom apartment in West Hollywood alone. In the good old days, Lemmy was a gloriously two-dimensional rock colossus, demonic and proud of it. He explained that he lived alone, had little interaction with anyone, and spent most of his downtime playing videogames by himself. " The production company proved persistent, however, suggesting they could make his life interesting, for dramatic purposes.It is early on a November evening in an industrial part of north London, a stone's throw from Pentonville prison. He has been here for several hours now, in preparation for Motörhead's forthcoming European tour, and running through the new songs until he has them down pat.His band are in attendance, of course, but frankly it is difficult to know who, among the roadies packing away gear and getting ready to leave, ' might be the guitarist or the drummer.

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