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She's only reading and I've been thinking, "Fanfiction", Fiction written by a fan of, and featuring characters from, a particular TV series, movie or whatever". ", TOmmy asked from the doorway."Little scared.""Me too."***"Okay, Adam, you first.", Sauli smirked. The girls were watching Chelsea Lately or something. Just continued to scream and kick."Get some water.", Hector said. Jeff took that chance and slashed through my arms with Snow's knife. This information should not be used to determine Hector David reyes Jr's eligibility for credit, employment, housing or other business transactions.Contact the law enforcement officials in Florida for further information on Hector David reyes Jr's legal status. Hannah in Wonderland Hannah's POVI skipped downstairs happy as Mario, wearing a yellow dress from my childhood. He pulled out some medicine and lifted my head up, carefully pouring the medicine down my throat. I was just about done throwing up my dinner from last night. Adam helped me up and handed me a cup of water."Thanks, baby.""You're welcome." He gently led me back to the bed and got a first aid kit for sickness, not injuries.

I looked Hector who was shirtless, holding Ash and giggled. He looked at Ash."Mommy's got a great taste in men, baby.", he said, kissing her head.

Everyone who is trying to help her are eventually terrified of how bad they are.

Hannah has horrifying nightmares she can't forget about or ignore. But if you wanna sleep, I think my chest makes a good pillow."I cracked a small smile.

Animals Anime & Manga School & Academics Food & Drinks Online Media TVBooks Scary Beauty Celebrities & Fame Love & Friendship Music Government & Politics Science & Tech Health & Nutrition Sports Cars & Vehicles Career & Goals Other A Lambert wedding On a Birthday! Hannah's been working on a Fanfiction video, like a rant. Lately, Hannah's been into Conner Franta fanfiction. I invited Tommy over, so Hector, Tommy, Sauli and I can read Fanfiction they've written about us."Ready?

The guys are going out.""Bianca's pregnant.""Which is why we have to do something here! Dinner, movies, singing, dancing, but not too much alcohol! Hannah's been shopping for Erik with Bia and Mommy.

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