Height of alomgir open windows keep updating itself

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Get well soon and keep on giving us super hit songs.All Pakistanis all around the world are praying for you.He has already performed there five times and was awarded pride of performance of rendition of a song in Korean. He has his own computerized studio where he records his own album keeps doing his musical research, making new music, etc.He has travelled and performed in 45 countries around the world.

He strives to imbibe his rendering with tonal subtleties and emotional expansiveness which add depth and meaning to the text and the inherent meaning of the approach of the poet. His numbers, which are incredible are also becoming indelible. Singing and dancing at the same time is a very difficult act, but Alamgir being a born dedicated artist became the first singer in Pakistan to have started it.

But as I don't know his last name the receptionist for privacy concern was unable to connect.

Alamgir, the " Elvis of the East " who has mesmerised audiences in numerous capitals of the world, is in fact, a very soft spoken person in real life.

I saw you when time when you used to live near Tariq road and you are a very humble person We all pray for you and get well soon. There is really no one who can touch your class at least in Pakistan.

Your songs with Karim Shahbuddin and Sohail Rana are classic in Pakistani music. At 5.30pm Los Angeles time I called the Atlanta Emory Hospital to know how Alamgir is doing or as a fan can talk to him.

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