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A little of the plurality of forces that made up the Yes movement is now installed in Holyrood, as a result of the Scottish Greens’ advance in the list vote.

Isn’t that an opportunity to test again the underlying vision of any independence offer – given the failure of indy-lite to get us over the line?

I’m a contributing editor to the former, and on the board of the latter (I know: small country).

So my opening gambit is, as you would expect me to say, please give generously and wildly to both.

This was brilliantly laid out in Bella Caledonia itself by Alan Bissett, in a blog titled “No Blame, No Shame, Moving Yes Forward”.

Bissett attempted to lay out the positions of what he called “Both Votes SNP” and the “Indy Left”, in the hope that both sides could at least accept each other’s good faith.

Yet they also all saw how alarmingly tilted against the prospect of indy the Scottish media landscape was.

Wings may seem like a one-man operation but its regular commission of opinion polling, and the mass production of the Wee Blue Book for the indyref (and now the Wee Black Book, recording the referendum’s most egregious media coverage), makes it as much a campaigning organisation as a daily media monitor.What form of media seems more like the future to you?So the indy-minded have given resources to these evidently valuable organisations – and I would argue, even in terms of value for money and performance, should give a lot more.(The availability of crowdfunding platforms like Indiegogo and Kickstarter, started in 2008-9 but mature and ready by 2011, provided the technical means.) As the indyref accelerated into its last six months, tens of thousands of pounds were being raised for (non-official) Yes campaign propaganda of various kinds – documentaries, posters, painted fire-engines ... The sites I’m citing (and others now shuttered, like National Collective), also put their shoulders into the campaign effort.But if you look back from today, and add up the funding streams for the major editorial sites, some interesting patterns emerge.

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