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Haley was Lucas Scott’s best friend and sister-in-law, Nathan Scott’s wife, and the mother of James Lucas and Lydia Bob Scott.

She had displayed extreme loyalty to the people she holds close to her, particularly Lucas, Nathan, Peyton and Brooke, but her first priority was always her family.

Eventually she re-opened Karen's Café with her friend Brooke Davis.

After her involvement with Nathan, Haley became friends with Peyton Sawyer and through her also befriended her best friend of ten years, Brooke Davis.

When Vivian visited Stanford University, Haley was taken along by her parents.

Seeing all the different people that were there gave her the ambition to eventually go to Stanford when she was old enough.

Haley, Brooke and Peyton formed a close group and often shared each other's problems and she eventually became best friends with Brooke and Peyton.

Like Brooke and Peyton, Haley was best friends with Lucas Scott from the second grade and he eventually became her brother-in-law and godfather to her son, Jamie Scott. Having grown up in a household with three sisters and three brothers, Haley had no privacy in her house, and though many girls would love six other siblings, Haley hated the idea.

A plane crashes on a remote island and the survivors have to adjust to their dangerous new world.

She did, however, have her own dreams to follow and wanted to pursue her music interests, but found it difficult to balance being a mother to her children and following her dreams, as well as her husband's life and constantly changing careers and moving.

After her mother's death Haley struggled with depression but her second pregnancy helped her to recover from it.

I make this promise for eternity, a promise that I will keep forever until the end of time.

'Til death do us part." Haley Bob Scott (née James) was a singer-songwriter and a former high school teacher who grew up in Tree Hill.

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