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On the other hand individuals with HIV infection who are asymptomatic, or who have less severe HIV manifestations, may be found not disabled.

Therefore, we evaluate each case on an individual basis, and rely on the signs, symptoms, laboratory findings, and other information unique to that person's case in order to make a decision.

Otherwise, we go on to consider other factors, such as (in the case of adults) work capacity, age, education, and work background or (in the case of most children) the individual's ability to function independently, appropriately, and effectively in an age-appropriate manner.

The medical evidence required to evaluate cases involving HIV infection is similar to that required for cases involving other medical conditions.

FINDINGS, DIAGNOSIS, AND PROGNOSIS A medical report should also describe the standard positive and negative findings of a thorough physical or mental examination. Mental abnormalities LABORATORY FINDINGS Laboratory findings may include: 1.

Progress notes that document findings are also helpful. Positive HIV antibody test (including any confirming test) 2.

As you may know, Disability Determination Services (DDSs) in each State evaluate disability claims for Social Security.

Most requests for medical evidence you receive will be from a DDS, and the request will ask you to return the evidence to the DDS. In certain circumstances, we can make payments to needy individuals before making a final disability determination if there is a high degree of probability that the individual is disabled.

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You can access these forms (Form SSA-4814 for adults and SSA-4815 for children) on the Online Forms Page.

(This is called the "duration requirement.") Many individuals with HIV infection have a condition that prevents them from being able to work.

If their impairment(s) meet the duration requirement, they may be found disabled.

Upon completion, you can give the form to a patient to bring to the Social Security office when he or she files a claim or submit the form with any other evidence you provide.

As always, we appreciate your assistance in providing timely reports and other medical records.

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