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It's too late, however, as Baronness Pryce is burned to death.

Wil then returns to the shire and beats Milus to a pulp.

She knows Sir Gawain is at least a decent person and..unattractive. Then there's the most turbulent and interesting relationship in the episode: Milus and Wil.

Somehow, I did not see Milus' master plan to eliminate Baron Pryce's wife coming.

So far, however, everyone has gone about this differently.

Lady Love fakes a pregnancy and bats her beautiful doe-like eyes. And Milus is being devious because someone in a Medieval castle has to be.

Maybe Kurt Sutter knows that the prevailing TV viewing experience means checking Twitter until a character raises their voice or the music begins to sweel and the viewer feels obliged to glance up at the TV. What's interesting is that it's clear every chief character is be working towards the same goal: creating a happy, safe and profitable Ventrishire.

Being the upstanding Welsh girl that she is, Lady Love knows that when times are tough it's best to seek out a pagan healer.

Lady Love is in the weeds because after her pronouncement to the King's Hand, Gaveston last week, the French bastard decides to turn up with a Chaplain of Progeny to conduct a formal Declaration of Heirs.

Love isn't dumb, she knows she needs to actually get with child and fast so she begins what could be a pretty short and easy seduction of Wil.

This could be seen as rather controlling and devious but it's telling that Love isn't just paying some tramp to knock her up.

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