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olitics is always something of a tussle, especially during party conference season.Usually, though, the only blows traded being are verbal - rather than a pair of middle-aged men grappling in the stationary cupboard. It was regrettable, two grown men, it should not have happened.” n a later comment, Hookem also referred to the incident as “girl on girl”.The dean of student life lectured Clark that the signal was considered a vulgarity in Sicily and might be misinterpreted in Texas. Texas fans show it during the signing of the "Eyes of Texas" before and after games, and there's seldom a touchdown where a player doesn't flash it for the cameras.Longhorns opponents liked to use it just as often, turning the signal upside down in a mocking gesture. It caused a Scandinavian scandal in 2005 when President George W.Undaunted, he was convinced it would catch on and it did."It's perfect," Clark said in 2006."It just says Texas."It also got him in some trouble.Friend Henry Pitts showed him the Longhorn sign, which Pitts made up while shadow casting.

AUSTIN, Texas -- Harley Clark, the former Texas cheerleader credited with introducing the "Hook'em Horns" hand signal used by tens of thousands of Longhorns faithful over the past six decades, died Thursday at his farm outside of Austin, school officials said. The school didn't release details or a cause of death for Clark, who watched his hand sign become one of the most recognizable and familiar signs of support in college athletics.“My hands were never round anyone’s neck – it was the pair of us hugging each other like a pair of tarts,” he explained. Just when you thought politics couldn’t seem like any more of a boy’s club.No wonder women are turned off from entering the political arena when this bunch of testosterone-fuelled ninnies is set on making it more gladiatorial than gender balanced.Can it be coincidence that, just as a number of high profile women finally get a firm hand on the tiller, our male politicians are flailing wildly – and mostly at each other?he Tories – basking in the reflected glory of having managed to elect two women leaders in three decades – are currently experiencing a relative period of calm.

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    For over a century it has been the case that a person exists, at least for legal purposes, only after she has been recognized by the state.

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    Thankfully, times have changed and most nursing homes these days are quite decent, with good nutrition and activity programs, but most of us still have the image of the horrors of old, so even if you could reason with your mother, it would be very difficult to convince her.

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