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Night sweats during menopause can be burdensome and difficult to manage.On top of all the other symptoms menopause brings, night sweats and hot flashes quite possibly bring the most discomfort.However, menopause and its many symptoms are not insurmountable.

Here’s a four-seasons tip for keeping utilities charges down: Buy a hot water bottle.Approximately 75% of women will suffer from night sweats before, during, and possibly after menopause.Characterized by extremely heavy sweating during the night, night sweats can disrupt sleep and be uncomfortable and inconvenient - often requiring a change of clothes or bed linens.The obvious solution for cool, calm, and REM-ful sleeping is an air conditioner: These modern gizmos can keep a bedroom at the optimum sleep temperature (roughly between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit), plus provide some nice white noise to boot.But even small window units use up tons of energy and jack up monthly electric bills.

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